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Here's a little background about me --you can find out more in the author section: I went to school for and worked in the Mental Health field, and I will ALWAYS advocate for it! With that being said, my books talk about a lot of hard topics such as anger, fear, addiction, depression, PTSD, grief and loss --topics we can all relate to on some level

There are a lot of twists and turns in the books, they start off dark. You don't know who "she" is in The Unknown She, but you know you can relate. The books are written in chronological order so the reader can see the ups and downs as they occur. The books allow the ones who are directly affected know they are not alone. In turn, they also give insight to the ones who are indirectly affected by allowing them to see, right there in black and white, how their loved ones feel.

I would love for these books to someday make their way into the therapy settings, that's where you come in! Head on over to the online bookstore and grab your copies today! The Unknown She is the first book in the series followed by She Speaks, Lonely Traveler is the newest addition to the collection and is a continuation of the series.

To see the full journey of The Unknown She as it unfolds--make sure you grab all 3 books!

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