Hello, welcome to my page!

I have been an advocate and voice for mental health for many years. Many people know that I, myself, have struggled with my own mental health issues. Over the years, one outlet I found that helped me communicate my pain and feelings was through writing poetry. As the years went by, people I allowed to read my work encouraged me to publish my poetry because it might reach others struggling with the same feelings. One of the most comforting things to know during the lowest times is that you are not alone.

I am partnering with TSPN, Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, with hopes of letting others know they are not alone and that there is help. A portion of proceeds from every book sold either in person or through this website will be donated to TSPN. We are working together to make a difference, I hope you will join us! Head on over to the "Store" tab and grab your copies today! My new book "Purpose in the Pain" is now available :)  

Stay strong and keep the faith!

Much love,

Brooksie D. Thompson

P.S. Click here to find out more about TSPN

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